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Re: [Nmh-workers] extra and missing blank lines with replyfilter

From: Joel Uckelman
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] extra and missing blank lines with replyfilter
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 11:17:32 -0700

Thus spake Ken Hornstein:
> >I finally got fed up with all the garbage in replies to quoted-printable
> >messages, so decided to try out replyfilter just now. I have this in my
> >mhl.reply:
> >
> >from:nocomponent,formatfield="Thus spake %(decode(friendly{text})):"
> It's not clear to me if this will mess things up or not.  Maybe it won't.
> (Thinking more about it ... it should be fine).

I've tried without this line and what I get is the output... without
this line. So I think it's not what's messing things up.
> >What I'm seeing when I reply to a quoted printable message from a friend
> >of mine is the "Thus spake" line, followed by six blank >-quoted lines,
> >followed by the (un-q-p'd) text of the original message, but with all of
> >the blank lines (e.g., the lines between paragraphs!) removed.
> Is it running it through par?  I'm wondering what happens if you change
> the filter to "cat"? 

I'm sure it's running through par. I have par installed, and when I change
the $filterprogram from 'par' to 'cat', I get each paragraph of the reply
as one very long line, instead of lines broken at 70-some characters. With
cat, however, I'm not losing the inter-paragraph blank lines, nor am I
getting blank lines inserted at the beginning.


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