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Re: [Nmh-workers] UTF=8 in message bodies

From: Lyndon Nerenberg
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] UTF=8 in message bodies
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 17:35:23 -0800

On 2012-12-05, at 5:28 PM, Ken Hornstein wrote:

> I'm sorry, I'm still skeptical.  Please, I'd like ONE example of a
> nmh user that submits email to a SMTP server which cannot handle
> 8-bit messages.  Remember that I'm not talking about a random SMTP
> server on the Internet; something that we _actually_ have users that
> _submit_ mail to.  I assert that the number of users who meet this
> criteria is 0 (I will admit that it's impossible for me to prove this
> assertion; it's only possible for it to be disproved).

Then you need to poll the entire internet.  Not every nmh user subscribes to 
this mailing list.

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