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[Nmh-workers] unapplied patches

From: Oliver Kiddle
Subject: [Nmh-workers] unapplied patches
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 12:29:04 +0100

I've had a look through for any pending patches since the last release.
Mostly, this is Meillo's recent patches. Does anyone know of any further
patches that we might apply or rework.

Eric Gillespie: scan message numbers from stdin
        It looks like people were generally in favour in principle, at
        least until the details were discussed: Should it allow space
        (or IFS chars) as a separator and sorting/uniqing of the list.
        Perhaps it might be better to add -form and -format options to
        pick. inc already has those options.

Savannah bug #29716: some slocal error handling
        I can't see a problem with this but it might be good if someone
        who actually uses slocal takes a look.

Exchange of MD5 implementation due to license
        I don't really see a problem with this if a bunch of pedantic
        Debian legal people are happier with the cut down BSD to the
        current "no distribution of derivatives" code. And the newer code
        is supposedly faster. It'd certainly be better for us to apply
        it than for the Debian package to be carrying the patch around.

undo of install-mh
        Nobody would ever run an uninstall-mh script and I doubt that the
        person raising the bug was a user looking for it. Most software
        creates a pile of dot files without even asking these days. If
        any fix is necessary, I'd vote for a tiny bit more detail in the
        man page - less than the original patch included.

gcc warnings: possible use of uninitialized data
        I'm not so keen on initialising variables that don't need
        initialising. That said, it'd be good to kill a few compile 

I would have thought the following would be uncontroversial.

improvement of folder man page
-link instead of -unlink in rmm.man
small fix for configure.in (nmhman expansion)
slocal.man .TP

Any objections if I apply those? Doesn't git have some ways to preserve
details of the actual author of a patch? Or better still, could someone
give Meillo permissions on the git repository.

If I understand correctly, the MIME handling improvments are not yet


PS. Sorry for the fact that I'm mixing what was in separate threads in
a single message here. If replying at length on a particular patch such
as MD5 or uninstall-mh, consider changing the subject back.

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