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[Nmh-workers] Updates to nmh

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Updates to nmh
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 21:36:23 -0500

Okay, so I've committed my changes to nmh (including a new file, pending-
release-notes!).  Overview:

- All networking calls now converted to new APIs (getaddrinfo(),
  sockaddr_storage, and the like).
- Everything supports IPv6 .... with the exception of the ftp client in
  ftpsbr.c.  Yeah, someone else can handle that; since it doesn't even
  support passive mode, I doubt it's used much.  And does anyone know
  what the heck "faceproc" is?!?!?  Looks like it was added by Marshall
  Rose a bazillion years ago.  I think it works, but I have no way of
  testing it.  Looks like your "faceproc" entry specified a hostname/port,
  and a UDP datagram was sent to that host/port containing the contents
  of a Face header.  Dunno what the hell handled that, though.
- client.c completely overhauled.  You only get the "real" errors if
  you turn on debugging (via -snoop or similar).  The bizarro \01 thing
  to allow the searching of all hosts on a network for a server has
  been completely removed.
- You can now select the SMTP server and port via command-line switches
  or in your profile (you could always select the server; it was just
- Minor cruft garbage collected (like our own copy of netdb.h?  What the
- Documentation updated to match the above changes.

Comments welcome!


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