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Re: [Nmh-workers] nmh on Ubuntu

From: pmaydell
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] nmh on Ubuntu
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 03:05:29 +0100

Joel Reicher wrote:
>> I'm getting the error "post: can't exec no: No such file or directory" when
>> trying to send a message with nmh.

This looks suspiciously to me as if nmh has been compiled on a system
with no sendmail binary. Configure looks for sendmail and puts the
sendmail path it finds in as a default value. If it can't find anything
I think it defaults to 'no'...

You can test this by putting 'sendmail: xyzzy' in mts.conf
to see if the message now says 'xyzzy'. If it does, see if saying
'sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail' makes the problem go away.

If this is the case you should report it to Ubuntu (or debian, if it's
not been recompiled by the ubuntu guys) as a packaging bug -- it should
Build-Depend on something that provides /usr/bin/sendmail.

>> I'm running Ubuntu Breezy with Linux Kernel 2.6.12-10-amd64-generic.  My MTA
>> is exim 3.36--it is fully configured and works.  I installed nmh
>> 1.1-release-3 from the Ubuntu/Debian package.  I did the spost -> post
>> symbolic link to correct the "problem initializing server; [BHST] premature
>> end-of-file on socket" error. 

If you have to do this then either nmh or the debian/ubuntu package
is buggy. I've never needed to do it and I run exim and debian...

>Have a look at the man page for post to see where your nmh installation
>expects to find the post binary, then make sure it's actually in that
>> I've also attempted to build nmh 1.2, but am missing a library that provides
>> dbm_open().

You need to install libdb4.2-dev or something similar. NB that I wouldn't
really recommend installing a non-packaged version of nmh on a debian

-- PMM

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