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Re: [Nmh-workers] [nmh-1.2] a serious bug in the nmh configure script

From: Igor Sobrado
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] [nmh-1.2] a serious bug in the nmh configure script
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 09:29:33 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, Joel Reicher writes:
> The problem is in aclocal.m4. Change the "==" to "=" and autoreconf.
> Regarding finding ndbm.h, I don't fully understand why the logic in
> the file is the way it is. The DB_DBM_HSEARCH doesn't actually appear
> to be used anywhere, so I can't comment on why it looks for db.h "before"
> looking for ndbm.h.

Thanks a lot for describing the problem so carefully.  Is someone
working on this bug now?  We can fix aclocal.m4 and suggesting an
update of nmh in the pkgsrc framework, or waiting until nmh-1.2.1
is released and suggest an update then.

> This problem wasn't present with 1.2-RC1, so there's no reasonable way
> we could have picked it up, IMHO. Don't know why the change was introduced
> for 1.2 without further testing, although I recall some discussion about
> gdbm in the last couple of weeks.

>From your reply I understand that this problem occurs not only in
NetBSD and OpenBSD but on other operating systems also.  Certainly
it is a bug that should be fixed for the next release of nmh.  I hope
we will not need to wait five years!  :-)

If I can help in some way, do not hesitate in asking me.

Thanks a lot for outlining the problem.  Now I have an idea about
how fixing it in pkgsrc... well, at least how fixing aclocal.m4
using a new patches/patch-?? file.

Autoreconf is something more difficult to achieve without customizing
the makefiles used in pkgsrc.  Perhaps it is better waiting until
1.2.1 is available for download.

Thanks a lot!!!


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