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[Monotone-devel] Setting up syncs & read/write permissions on Windows

From: Ken MacDonald
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Setting up syncs & read/write permissions on Windows
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 09:13:39 -0400

Apologies if this is a repeat, but after sending it yesterday, I never
received an email from monotone-devel, so I suspect it may have fallen
through the cracks somewhere. Anyway, still looking for the following
info, as we're pretty well dead in the water as far as using monotone
at this point.

We're trying to set up monotone to be able to do basic syncs on a Windows
(XP) system. I'm trying to follow the tutorial example, but there seem
to be a few gaps from a Windows perspective.

The server (when I do "mtn ... serve") apparently wants to find two
files, "write-permissions" and "read-permissions" in a directory given
by the get_confdir() function. I'm not sure where the default location
for this should be on Windows. When I created the initial DB and keys
on my machine (named CONSENSUSHQ)
they ended up in "C:\Documents and
Settings\ken.macdonald.CONSENSUSHQ\Application Data\monotone\keys" but
the doc calls for a ".monotone" directory, not a "monotone", so should
I create "C:\Documents and
Data\monotone\.monotone\read-permissions" and "write-permissions", or
where should these go on a Windows system?

Also, first thing I'm trying to do is sync to another DB I've set up
on the same machine; eventually if we can manage to get a Linux
install working, we'll try a sync to that as well. in the meantime, I
guess I'll need to set up read/write-permissions for that DB as well
(?) -
so wondering where that set of files should go.

I set up a second DB (sardines) on my machine with user
address@hidden, set up a public key and imported it to my
original DB (kippers_km):

C:\kippers_km>type c:\sardines.pubkey | mtn read
mtn: read 1 packet

Anyway, I made a guess at setting up the r/w persmissions, started a
'serve' going, and attempted a sync using the user name
"address@hidden", and got this error:

C:\kippers_km\main>mtn --db=c:/mtn_jj/sardines/ sync
address@hidden "net.cti.kippers
" -k address@hidden
mtn: connecting to address@hidden
mtn: network error: name resolution failure for
address@hidden: The requested name is valid and
was found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated
data being resolved for. (11004)

I'm not sure if this error message is complaining about the name I am
using to initiate the sync (address@hidden), the name I am trying to
sync FROM (address@hidden) or if it can't find the db or the
branch(es) I'm trying to sync, or if it's a permissions probem, or a

So I'm wondering if the permissions files are wrong, not found, or if
this error has to do with something entirely different. Any clues
regarding windows setup/permissions appreciated! I think monotone
seems to be a great system, but if we can't get it to work on Windows,
I'm afraid we'll be stuck with using CVS.

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