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[Lynx-dev] Is There a way to Bypass Progress Messages?

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Is There a way to Bypass Progress Messages?
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 13:26:15 -0500

        This is such a minor issue but I am curious to know if there
is a way to get lynx to not print connection-related progress

        They are very helpful if something is not right but when
things are routine, those of us who use screen readers listen to
them even though they probably flash on screen for a very brief
time. An example of the messages I refer to follows:

Looking up
Making HTTP connection to
waiting for response.

I have an alias in my .bash_profile that calls lynx as follows:

alias lynx='lynx -nostatus'

and that does suppress some of the progress messages but it would
be nice just to go right to hearing the page as it comes up.

        I've been using some form of screen reader technology for
38 years and it's almost ironic that in the world of
text-to-speech, there is still almost as much stuff that we don't
really want to hear as there is that actually tells us useful

        This is nobody's fault and accentuates the difference
between mechanically reading every character sent and evaluating
whether or not they are important pieces of information to know.
In the case of the progress messages, they are important if
something goes wrong and that was the last message printed before
the system hung or they are totally unnecessary if they only
stayed there for a tenth of a second before the connection was
made or the next step took place.  That's why I ask if there is a
simple way to turn them off as we guess that they are not needed
most of the time.

        Thanks for any constructive suggestions and I close with
saying I am glad that they are there for those times when things
get stuck.

Martin McCormick

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