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Re: [Lynx-dev] Is There a way to Bypass Progress Messages?

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Is There a way to Bypass Progress Messages?
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 14:45:06 -0500

X dej <address@hidden> writes:
> my .lynx.cfg contains:

        Thank you for that suggestion.  I set the time values for
all those parameters for such amounts as -1 and 0 as well as
ridiculously high numbers of seconds such as 20.5 just to see
what would happen. What happened for the long values was that I
could still hear the info messages which each now took let's say
20 seconds to display. before moving on to the next info message
which stuck there for 20 seconds.  Those are the messages I was
trying to suppress all right. When I set the values to -1 or 0,
there was no complaint but the low or improbable values of 0
or -1 did not stop them from being spoken.

        The only thing I can think of to remedy this tiny problem
would be to maybe have a variable which inhibits the printing of
the messages for a settable amount of time so that if a new
message came in before the timer expires, output is suppressed.
If there was a hang greater than the timer, then one would
hear/see whatever lynx was trying to do before things hung.

        This concept is found in imbedded systems and is called a
watchdog timer. The only time the watchdog timer fires is when
something takes too long to execute.  That way, you only see what
didn't succeed.

        You might see "Making https connection" some times when
it was slow in happening and other times, that message wouldn't
print because the connection got made before the timer ran out.

        Just a thought.

Martin McCormick

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