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Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5

From: Rado S
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 15:47:16 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.15cvs (2007-04-12)

=- Thomas Dickey wrote on Thu 17.May'07 at 19:17:23 -0400 -=

> * improve pretty-src in a few places by passing-through whitespace
> as demonstrated by
> (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD

Uh, if it is improved, then it's still not finished. :-/
When I see the src of that file with 150x100, then the line at the
beginning of the file with
------ QUOTE BEGIN ------
        <A HREF="attributes.html[10]">
------- QUOTE END -------

shows everything after "<A" in the <A>-color until the closing "</A>",
and as before all following text-entities in the table are still in
<A>-color, while they should be in span.htmlsrc_entire (which doesn't
work either yet, but that's another problem, it uses <PRE>-color
instead, but this would still be better than <A>-color :).

Note: the closing ">" of the above tag is in the _last_ column on
the screen, the text-entity "attributes" begins on the next line.

When I export COLUMNS=80, then ">" is not in the last
column and all looks fine!
With COLUMNS=145 the follwing text-entities are not <A>-color
anymore but "DEFAULT", which isn't the usual/normal/expected
<PRE>-color, but might indicate where the real problem is?!

BTW, if you have a clue where the 64-lines limit for styles
application is hidden, tell me, because I couldn't find suitable
passages when grepping all src/* and WWW/* for "6[2-5]". :-(

> * change user-messages in HTFWriter.c to info-messages, which are
> generally faster (prompted by patch by Rado Smiljanic) -TD

Aye, this _is_ an improvement, but for the case of cached files, are
they really useful for a reader to see? ("Using /tmp/...random.gz")
As originally posted I see the benefit of having them added to the
msg-history, but let it go there directly, without actually showing
the msg to the user (and delaying at all).

> * modify IsOurFile() to allow its parameter to be a symbolic link
> to one of the user's files (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD

Yay, thank you very much. :)

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