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Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5

From: Rado S
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 15:15:08 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.15cvs (2007-04-12)

=- Thomas Dickey wrote on Sat 26.May'07 at  9:56:05 -0400 -=

>>> * improve pretty-src in a few places by passing-through whitespace
>>> as demonstrated by
>>> (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
>> Uh, if it is improved, then it's still not finished. :-/
> yes - if I'd finished it, I would have listed point-by-point the
> features that I thought I'd completed (sorry - just juggling a lot
> of things).

Oh, sorry, I've mistaken "improvement" for such case. ;)
I didn't notice the improvement obviously, what exactly has changed?

>> BTW, if you have a clue where the 64-lines limit for styles
>> application is hidden, tell me, because I couldn't find suitable
>> passages when grepping all src/* and WWW/* for "6[2-5]". :-(
> iirc, it's these definitions in src/LYStyle.h
> #define CACHEW 128
> #define CACHEH 64

Hmm, this is in src/LYHash.h for me, but anyway, I wouldn't have
suspected that.

#define CACHEW 168
#define CACHEH 128

WOW, this actually solves my example page with the "too long
TEXTAREA" and "FORM elements when they are below line 64"!
Now that I see what this does, I understand why it helps.
Although I wonder why with CACHEW 128 in my 150 wide terminal and
TEXTAREA cols=140 only the lines > 64 were miscolored, while the
columns > 128 were still ok. :(

But it doesn't help in the above pretty-src case. :(
Maybe src/AttrList.h plays a role, too?
        #define MAX_LAST_STYLES 128
No, apparently not. :(

Summary of observation:
COLUMNS < 128 - numbered-links-overhead (2x3) < real width == OK.

If COLUMNS is > than the unknown limit, then the text-items are
broken one way or the other, as well as the HREF-attr being
A-colored sometimes.

Now, when I retry with COLUMNS=122...150, sometimes the text-items
after the breaking A-tag are "default", A- or PRE-colored on the
_1st page_!!!
When I hit next page twice, then the text-items become "default"
color. When I scroll back up 1 page, it stays that way, when I hit
again == reach 1st page, then the broken original display reappears.

BUT, sometimes (after doing many page ups/ downs) it happens that
the wrong A- or supposedly correct PRE-color from the 1st page
carries over while paging down.
Sometimes when on the succeeding pages the text already has turned
"default", immediately on the 1st page up they turn wrong again as
if on the 1st page even though I haven't reached the 1st page yet.

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