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Re: lynx-dev valgrind

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev valgrind
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:28:16 +0300 (MSK)

8-Feb-2003 17:51 Thomas Dickey wrote:
>> > One more patch (code cleanup):
>> Please ignore this patch, it is buggy.
>> I will send a safe one some day:)

> ok (I was thinking to work on lynx late next week - have some work on
> ncurses, vile and xterm).

Here the revised patch.

* in HTML.c, spell out href resolving logic.
  HTAnchor_findChildAndLink now resolves href w.r.t. BASE internally;
  HTParse incorporates LYFillLocalFileURL call (after the parsing,
  and only when the related string is not empty and parse includes
  access, host, path and punctuation).
  This removes all LYFillLocalFileURL and most HTParse calls from HTML.c
  and made code more consistent (previously, that functions were called
  in different order for document with/without BASE, which had side effect
  in some cases, say href="c:" on a DOS machine was resolved properly
  with _any_ base, and badly broken without:)
  Add/use HTParseALL macro to simplify coding.
  Also spell "internal links" logic (read KW 1997-11-03 notes, before v2.8),
  avoid using this feature for BGSOUND_SRC link:). As of HTML.c and HTAnchor.c
  files, internal links affects only parent lookup in the adults table (more
  correct in case of post data), so ommit DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS
  ifndef'ing in the two files.

 htanchor.c |   41 ++--
 htanchor.h |    5
 html.c     |  522 +++++++++++--------------------------------------------------
 htparse.c  |   41 ++++
 htparse.h  |    2
 5 files changed, 163 insertions, 448 deletions

I split this patch into two files to make it more readable
(the first is a "feature", and the second is html.c "cleanup")


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