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Re: lynx-dev valgrind

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev valgrind
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 00:44:55 +0300 (MSK)

Hi, Henry!

13-Feb-2003 10:25 Henry Nelson wrote:
>>   Also spell "internal links" logic (read KW 1997-11-03 notes, before v2.8),
>>   avoid using this feature for BGSOUND_SRC link:). As of HTML.c and 
>> HTAnchor.c
>>   files, internal links affects only parent lookup in the adults table (more
>>   correct in case of post data), so ommit DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS
>>   ifndef'ing in the two files.

> Is this a single instance, or does this mean that the configure option
> "--enable-internal-links" is no longer needed/made obsolete, i.e., it is
> no longer possible to define "DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS"?

No. (all your statements are wrong, see below).

> Or are you saying exactly the opposite: "DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS" is
> always on, i.e., cannot be undefined (ifdefed out)?

> In either case, the "re-submission" problem has been addressed, I assume.

I mean that "#ifndef DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS" string is removed from the
two files (was done partially in dev.10 and now finished). So this code is a
mainline and is available both for "--enable-internal-links" and

The logic of these two files is clearly understood by me now, and I think
changes are safe. The changes primarily address optimization in speed. It
also address the rare case when you have several documents which are replies
from POST with the same address and different post data. [For example, if
such page have LYNXIMGMAP: it works as expected (could not imagine how this
may work poperly without "internal links"). Read Klaus notes if you have a
strong interest.]

The "re-submission" code is scattered among many other files
and was not changed since v2.8

> Possible corrections to above paragraph:
>  line 1    "spell"          ==>>   "spell out" (perhaps "explain in detail")
                                                  I mean "read closely"
>  line 1    "... v2.8),"     ==>>   "... v2.8);"
>  line 2    "As of HTML.c"   ==>>   "As for HTML.c"
>  line 3    "internal links" ==>>   ""internal links"" (add quotation)
>  line 4    "ommit"          ==>>   "omit"

Thanks for your lesson. I silently relay on Tom who usually improve my
English wording. Thank you, Tom.

> __Henry

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