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RE: lynx-dev Overriding mime types

From: Danny Ayers
Subject: RE: lynx-dev Overriding mime types
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:06:23 +0100

>> How do you override mime types?
>Not sure what information you are looking for.

Specifically, I was hoping to find a place in a config file where I could
specify that content type image/svg+xml be treated as html and opened in the
browser, not an external app. Ideally I would have preferred CSS handling,
so that <title> and <desc> elements could be viewed in the browser, thus
making SVG accessible to Lynx.

  "Overriding" mime types in
>the sense of ignoring the encoding of a particular file type is
>not something
>you want to do lightly.

What potential problems do you envisage?

 Just as general knowledge, I offer the following
>suggestions on ways to have Lynx handle files based on the file

Thanks. This is useful.


>1) define a DOWNLOADER in lynx.cfg
>2) use a (pseudo)proxy method, or apply the "Cern rules" code
>3) define an EXTERNAL in lynx.cfg
>4) hardcode Lynx
>5) define a SUFFIX/VIEWER *pair* in lynx.cfg, or (IMHO, better,)
>   make entries in your PERSONAL_EXTENSION_MAP *and* PERSONAL_MAILCAP.
>The last of these options is nice in that it makes things "automagic."
>The method also allows you to have "levels" of extensions.  For example
>you can hit [Enter] on the link "
>lynxdev/archives/0201.arc.bz2" and have Lynx pass the file to "bzip2" to
>be decompressed, and then pass the decompressed file to "most" for
>viewing by putting the following two lines in, e.g., ".mime.types"
>             text/x-archive                    arc
>             application/x-bzip2               bz2
>to define the extension type, and then two lines in, e.g., ".mailcap"
>             text/x-archive; /usr/bin/most +s -k %s
>             application/x-bzip2; /usr/bin/bzip2 -d %s
>to define what applications should be used to open files of those types.
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