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RE: lynx-dev Overriding mime types

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: RE: lynx-dev Overriding mime types
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 11:28:00 +0900 (JST)

> How do you override mime types?

Not sure what information you are looking for.  "Overriding" mime types in
the sense of ignoring the encoding of a particular file type is not something
you want to do lightly.  Just as general knowledge, I offer the following
suggestions on ways to have Lynx handle files based on the file extension(s).

1) define a DOWNLOADER in lynx.cfg

2) use a (pseudo)proxy method, or apply the "Cern rules" code

3) define an EXTERNAL in lynx.cfg

4) hardcode Lynx

5) define a SUFFIX/VIEWER *pair* in lynx.cfg, or (IMHO, better,)
   make entries in your PERSONAL_EXTENSION_MAP *and* PERSONAL_MAILCAP.

The last of these options is nice in that it makes things "automagic."
The method also allows you to have "levels" of extensions.  For example
you can hit [Enter] on the link "
lynxdev/archives/0201.arc.bz2" and have Lynx pass the file to "bzip2" to
be decompressed, and then pass the decompressed file to "most" for
viewing by putting the following two lines in, e.g., ".mime.types"
             text/x-archive                    arc
             application/x-bzip2               bz2
to define the extension type, and then two lines in, e.g., ".mailcap"
             text/x-archive; /usr/bin/most +s -k %s
             application/x-bzip2; /usr/bin/bzip2 -d %s
to define what applications should be used to open files of those types.


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