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MacOSX (was "Re: lynx-dev ASCII approximations")

From: Patrick
Subject: MacOSX (was "Re: lynx-dev ASCII approximations")
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:51:59 -0700

In "lynx-dev ASCII approximations"
[12/Aug/2001Sun 00:10:26]
Sergei Pokrovsky wrote:


> I suggest that any of these should become a part of the distribution.
> Personally I am not interested in it, having better option with
> xterm -u8; but there are quite a few DOS or Mac people who could start
> using Lynx if such an option were made available in the binaries (I do
> not use those platforms and cannot make binaries for them).
> -- 
> Sergei

Actually, with the release of MacOSX porting might be a lot easier
than it was.  OSX is apparently built over a Berkley UNIX base.
[I'm guessing a BSD kernel with the Mac GUI for a shell.]  In fact,
if some sort of terminal program is supplied, there may be very
little work required to make Lynx run here.

Unicode is supported on OSX.

Unfortunately, I know very little about this operating system,
so I can't really tell you much.  And it's unlikely I'll learn
anything first-hand because its hardware requirements are a bit

On using Lynx via shell account, this seems to work ok:
        Display character set : [Macintosh (8 bit)]
[from the Options page -- can also be set in lynx.cfg]

This one doesn't work for DOS?
        [IBM PC US codepage (cp437)]

Well, you were talking about news-reading, and I'm only talking
aout HTML rendering here.


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