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lynx-dev ASCII approximations

From: Sergei Pokrovsky
Subject: lynx-dev ASCII approximations
Date: 12 Aug 2001 14:10:26 +0700
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There are one question and one suggestion.

1) The ASCII approximations does not work in news.  Why?  Some people
   would appreciate if they did.

2) I reiterate my suggestion that ASCII surrogates should be provided
   for the accented Esperanto letters.  There are six of them: those
   with the hat are used in Esperanto only:
   ^c ^g ^h ^j ^s;
   \u u (u with breve) can appear in Latin or in other transcriptions.

In the Dark Epoch when only ASCII was available, the computer world
used the non-Esperantic letter x to render both diacritics: 

ehxosxangxo cxiujxauxde
  (eĥoŝanĝo ĉiuĵaŭde, the traditional test phrase “Echo change on
  every Thursday”, which containes all the accented letters).

This transliteration can be implemented with the x-def7_uni.tbl.diff

Now that Unicode is more widely available, most of the literate people
have switched to the authentic script; but some people still cannot
afford it, and it is where Lynx could help.  There are quite a few
such people.

As these people are less free from the alphabetic prejudices, they may
prefer the official transcription using h as a modifier; as h is also
a letter of Esperanto, that transcription is not biunique; but it is
less shocking for the Western world:

ehhoshangho chiujhaude.

Besides, u breve is transcribed with a plain u; so, it may appear as
more acceptable compromise.  That Official transliteration is done
with the h-def7_uni.tbl.diff patch.

I suggest that any of these should become a part of the distribution.
Personally I am not interested in it, having better option with
xterm -u8; but there are quite a few DOS or Mac people who could start
using Lynx if such an option were made available in the binaries (I do
not use those platforms and cannot make binaries for them).


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