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lynx-dev rejection of lynx by website

From: Leslie Fairall
Subject: lynx-dev rejection of lynx by website
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 13:56:12 -0600 (CST)


I really need some assistance here.

I am trying to access a website with lynx that refuses to allow me to log
into it successfully. It requires a username and password, which the server
rejects. I checked lynx.trace and am certain I typed in the right
username and password. However, I believe the site thinks I am using an
insecure browser. It gives me the message:

                Lynx Trace Log (2.8.4dev.15)
Composing Authorization for
HTAASetup_lookup: No template matched `bin/' (so probably not protected)
HTTP: Not sending authorization (yet).
In another part it says:

Making HTTP connection to
TCP: Error 115 in `SOCKET_ERRNO' after call to this socket's first connect() 
        Operation now in progress
TCP: Error 115 in `SOCKET_ERRNO' after call to this socket's first
select() failed.

I am a blind graduate student. At this time, I am only able to use lynx as
my browser. Unfortunately, I was told that this site required Internet
Explorer in order to work correctly. If I changed the user-agent string,
would this help solve my problem? Any other suggestions people could make
would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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