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Dead Links at

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Dead Links at
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 03:21:33 -0700

Something I've noticed at
There are a couple links on the title page that point to pages
now gone.  The owner of that site has done a good job of leaving
"relay" stubs, pointing to the same page on the new server, but
some dead links are inevitable.

In short, any URL starting with;[PATH]
should be updated to;[same PATH]

It seems the directory structure of the site has remained identical,
so only the server part needs changing.

I'd be happy to update these URLs in the Lynx documentation itself,
then upload the results to my home-page dir and then mail the
download location here [why mass-mail a huge attachent when just
one copy will do the trick?].

This change is fairly recent, and there are still a *lot* of pages
that reference .  Any suggestions?

The System:
        Well, it doesn't work but I have no idea what
        to build in its place. . .


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