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lynx-dev Colors, reverse video, bold....

From: Dave Williams
Subject: lynx-dev Colors, reverse video, bold....
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 17:36:17 -0700 (PDT)

The recent discussion of link highlighting interested me:
I tried some time ago to compile lynx 2.8.something so that
I could get to the only secure site I have so far wanted to
visit....  Turns out I also needed Java, so I went back to
2.7.2, because...every link showed up in reverse video.

When I built 2.7.2 I had a similar problem.  I have a vague
memory of something to do with ncurses, of having actually
to modify either a configuration or header file.  Of course,
like a good non-programmer I did not bother to document what
I did, and since I barely understood whatever it was I have
little hope of reproducing it logically.

What I'm leading up to:  2.7.2 gives me the desired
behavior:  only the selected link gets highlighted; the
others show up in bold.  The discussion has left me confused
(no smart comments, please ;-} ):  do later versions of lynx
offer this behavior? If so, how do I obtain it? If I have to
modify a terminfo or termcap entry, someone will have to
babytalk me through _that_.

Ancient slackware distribution, kernel 2.0.36, ncurses 1.9.9e.
If you deduce that I hate to upgrade, congratulations!

On a completely unrelated topic, when I go to

and "click on" 

  "Searching the Lynx-Dev Archives", 
which is supposedly at

I get the dreaded "404 Not Found" message.  I get a similar
result from the first link on that page


This behavior is new to me; I had no problem the last time I
went snuffling through old lynx-dev emails....

(I have no problem with the links, "HTML format" and
"Mailbox format" and "Old archives"--the links.
Have the others also migrated to flora?

 Dave Williams

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