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lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 14:57:03 +0400 (MSD)

I would like to remember few minor items:

1) it would be nice if LYNXCFG:/ page will show a link
   on htmlized cfg (cattoc.html and alphatoc.html)
   according to configure options (whether a remote copy
   on VH site, or a local one, like in lynx_main_help.html and

2) there was my patch to remove trailing dot from a couple of cookies
   status messages

3) option_help.html still have no description of "Visited Page" option

4) features.html page becames more and more technical
   (огые citations from CHANGES), anyone interested
   please revise this page if possible.
   One minor typo: features.html says:

     * enhanced read-progress logic
          + makes size/transfer rate reports use format "8.3 KB" (instead
            of "8 KB") if numbers are below 10 KB and reports are in KB;
          + makes transferred/expected/transfer-rate use bytes/KB
            independently so "236 bytes of 56 KB" is possible, as is "8.3
            of 56 KB, 456 bytes/sec";
          + adds "ETA 23 sec" info if available;
          + adds " (stalled for 75 sec)" info if available (updated each
            5 sec or so);
          + uses gettimeofday() if present to get more frequent updates.

   ===while the option is only available with

  --enable-read-eta                     (define EXP_READPROGRESS)
        Enhance the read-progress message to show ETA (estimated time to
        completion), as well as the amount of time stalled without any data

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