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Re: lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev pre8 - open documentation issues
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 07:51:11 -0700

(Don't mind the "pAb-032871" bit.  It's just a trick to sort automated
junk-mailers from people.  My name is Patrick.)

> Rather than this method, I would recommend copying your htmlized file
> to some convenient directory and rename it with an .html extension.
> Then link to it from your [customized] H)elp, J)ump or I)ndex file.

> Wouldn't want you to reinvent the wheel unless you really want to.  Since
> it was done practically a year ago, it may need tweaking:
>    Linkname: Re: lynx-dev lynxcfg.html ideas
>         URL:

Thanks for the reference.  I didn't know someone had already scripted HTML
conversion of lynx.cfg.  Also didn't know Lynx now has a "crude includes
facility".  As a local executable, I'm kind of stuck with v2.7.1 -- the
only version ever ported to MacOS.  Asking my ISP about a shell account

For the curious:

> You'd think it would have been enough.  Some people like the kitchen sink
> in the living room, I guess.
> __Henry

Hmm, kitchen sink in the living room. . .  Might be nice if you eat in
front of the TV a lot.  ;-)

Actually, I still *kind of* like the idea because;
A)-Two separate files [lynx.cfg and lynxcfg.html] take up twice as much
B)-You might forget to record changes to lynx.cfg in lynxcfg.html, and
   that could get confusing [or does the includes support handle that?].

Making just one file serve as both config and HTML reference would fix
both problems.  But if I'm alone in that, no need to bore you with
details.  If the actual placement of lynx.cfg is a problem, you could
always put an alias in a more conveient place [or .lnk shortcut, on PC].


[old message, in case you're not following this thread.
Ignore this if you're already bored with the details.]

> ---------========== quote ==========---------
> I would like to remember few minor items:
> 1) it would be nice if LYNXCFG:/ page will show a link
>    on htmlized cfg (cattoc.html and alphatoc.html)
>    according to configure options (whether a remote copy
>    on VH site, or a local one, like in lynx_main_help.html and
>    lynx_users_guide.html)
> ---------========== /quote ==========---------
> Ok, first, open your lynx.cfg in some kind of editor and add;
> "SUFFIX:.cfg:text/html"
> to the MIME-types list.  Or you can just map "cfg" to text/html in your
> .mime.types file if that's easier.
> Here's the part where you NEED to save changes in the .cfg file though:
> At the top of the document, but AFTER the first "#" [you don't want it
> misread as a default configuration] add some HTML, like this;
> #<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Lynx.cfg as HTML, Dude. <!-- or something
> # better ;-) --></TITLE></HEAD><BODY><PRE>"

> Some characters in the running commentary would have to be changed or
> escaped, however.  For example;
> PRINTER:<printer name>:<printer command>:<printer option>:<lines/page>
> would be rendered as:
> and then you'd probably get a "Bad HTML!" alert.  Square, curly, or
> round brackets folks?
> Anyway, I'd be happy to do it if anyone wants a copy, then either Email
> it or upload to my homepage directory on the ISP and post the URL here.

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