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Re: lynx-dev update

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev update
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 13:09:36 -0400

360512 Michael Sokolov wrote:

there seems to be something wrong with the date in your header.
>> you do not mention Linux: what do you find wrong with it?
> When was the last time you saw Linux running on a Large Computer,
> say a VAX-11/780 or even a 750?
VH> Linux runs on IBM S/390 - is it smaller than ones you mention?
> I don't know, I don't care about architectures other than VAX.
VH> Do you use PCs at all?
> No.

why should i use a large computer, when i can have all the power i need
on my own PC set up by me to do exactly what i want?  presently,
i use the SGI4D-320 belonging to a group of university departments,
which probably doesn't count as a large machine either; it runs IRIX 5.3 .

> why would I ever want to use it when I have real UNIX?
> All Gnu software is designed to replace UNIX

AFAIK Linux was not originally GNU software; it may be now incidentally,
but Linus Torvalds <> Richard Stallman.

> Do you think I care what you have interest in?

ordinarily, if i had never encountered you before, i would expect you
to have the normal interest humans have in one another's activities,
at least when working in similar fields.  that's how people learn.

however, to respond to the spirit of your question & your other replies,
my own appropriate policy from now on should be
to delete all your messages to lynx-dev without reading them.
i would certainly recommend other lynx-devers not to waste time on them,
since you are explicitly not interested in development of Lynx
nor in most of the platforms on which Lynx is used today,
incl the platform(s) on which i (expect to) use it.

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