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Re: lynx-dev update

From: Michael Sokolov
Subject: Re: lynx-dev update
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 00 09:40:22 CDT

Vlad Harchev <address@hidden> wrote:

>   Do you plan to include support for 4.3 BSD in TD's version (I'm not
> interested, I'm just curious)?

No. Two years ago I would say no simply because I couldn't touch anything that
uses autoconf. Now I have at least some tolerance for autoconf and other
GNUisms because on some of my other projects there is just no way around them.
(I have to use the GNU/Cygnus compiler/assembler/linker toolchain to program
for embedded microprocessors, as the GNU/Cygnus toolchain is the only one that
runs under UNIX but targets non-UNIX non-any-other-OS embedded targets.) So now
I can live with those GNUisms when I absolutely have to, but I still hate them,
so for something like Lynx where I have a choice, I won't voluntarily dive into
the autoconf swamp.

>   Linux runs on IBM S/390 - is it smaller than ones you mention? (May be it's
> smaller geometrically, but have much more computing power?)

I don't know, I don't care about architectures other than VAX.

>   Do you use PCs at all?


>   Just curious: will result of your development be called BSD UNIX too?

Yes because I am the legitimate new principal maintainer of 4.3 BSD UNIX, as
the previous principal maintainer, Marshall Kirk McKusick, has himself passed
the torch to me and recognized me as the official successor.

Also not will, is. I already have a stable release shipping.

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