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Re: lynx-dev update

From: Michael Sokolov
Subject: Re: lynx-dev update
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 00 13:09:49 CDT

Philip Webb <address@hidden> wrote:

> there seems to be something wrong with the date in your header.

No, all my mail headers, including Date:, are in strict conformance with RFC

> why should i use a large computer, when i can have all the power i need
> on my own PC set up by me to do exactly what i want?

It's up to you what you use, but I don't use pee seas and use real computers
because they are infinitely better.

> AFAIK Linux was not originally GNU software; it may be now incidentally,
> but Linus Torvalds <> Richard Stallman.

I know this of course. However, just like GNU, Linux and even Free/Net/OpenBSD
are feeble replacement prostetics compared to genuine UNIX.

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