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lynx-dev Kermit problem

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Kermit problem
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 04:15:37 -0500

000225 William Martins wrote:
> I am having difficulty downloading to disk various files
> from the Lynx help menu using the Kermit text files option.
> I am using the Terminal program installed on Windows 3.1.

no-one else has replied to this, probably because it's a Kermit problem.
i use Kermit 3.15 all the time to download files from Lynx,
but i have Kermit in my XT running simple DOS.
i don't use Windoze, but presumably you can suspend it in favor of DOS,
then do your downloading directly into a DOS file.

> All the setups and parameters, I feel sure, are correct.

if everything is correct, there would be no problem ... (smile).
> I get as far as the prompt:
> "Return to your local Kermit and give a RECEIVE command".
> This is followed by "Kermit Ready To Send" ...

so far, so good ...

> ... and a couple of strings of control codes
> all of which show up in the text file I am trying to copy to.

... not so good!  this has never happened to me.

there can be major problems if you try running different programs
both of which try to control/emulate a terminal:
eg i have to suspend Screen in order to use Kermit to download.
so the problem may be due to a conflict between Windoze & Kermit.

anyone else have thoughts?  DK?  TD?

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