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Re: lynx-dev download difficulties

From: James Phillips
Subject: Re: lynx-dev download difficulties
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 07:05:06 -0800 (PST)

--- William Martins <address@hidden> wrote:
>     I am having difficulty downloading to disk various files from the
> Lynx help menu using the Kermit text files option. I am using the
> Terminal program installed on Windows 3.1. All the setups and parameters,
> I feel sure, are correct.
>    I get as far as the prompt: "Return to your local Kermit and give a
> RECEIVE command."  This is followed by "Kermit Ready To Send" and a
> couple of strings of control codes - all of which, incidentally, show
> up in the text file I am trying to copy to.  I feel Iam close but not
> quite there.  I've tried everything (except drop a dime in the floppy
> drive) to download these files, to no avail.
>                    Can you advise me as to what may be going wrong?
> William Martins
> address@hidden
Did you try the help file?(this is from the win95 version, yours may not
support this..)
"To receive a file from a remote computer
1. Use the software on the remote computer to send...
2. On the Transfer menu, click Recieve File
3. Type path of folder ... to store the file
4. [ select recieving Protocol from drop down list ]"
IMHO the windows terminal program sucks; I just get frustrated using it( plus
no colour). I would suggest a DOS terminal program, or looking for a better
windows terminal program.

James Phillips
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