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Re: lynx-dev Mouse support on the console?

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Mouse support on the console?
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 22:34:56 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 16 Jan 100, T.E.Dickey wrote:

> > I'm using Lynx/2.8.3dev.18 with ncurses_version=4.2.980228 (stock SuSE 6.2) 
> >  
> >  
> > I have a problem in making the mouse work on the console. Here is what I 
> > have done in my efforts: 
> >  
> > - I have compiled --with-screen=ncurses 
> > - I have checked that 'strings which lynx | fgrep -i gpm' gives me the two 
> >   lines: lib_gpm_initscr 
> >          lib_gpm_Gpm_Open 
> >  
> > Which according to Raju's tips is a sign of things working. 

I don't know what the "Raju's tips" are you are referring to...
but I got a (working) lynx compiled that uses the mouse through gpm,
and nm does not show any reference to gpm:

$ nm  src/lynx |grep -i gpm
$ nm -D src/lynx |grep -i gpm

In fact, that is to be expected - lynx itself does not call any gpm
functions, it is completely ignorant about gpm.  But it *can* request
mouse handling from ncurses, and it's then up to the ncurses lib to do
the right thing (or not - if it isn't compiled to do so).  knowing
what that is).  That "right thing" can be either using xterm's
convention or calling gpm functions (or possibly something else on
some OSs), depending on the circumstance.

So those checkes (with either strings or nm) are meaningless in the
case of lynx.  You get false positives because strings containing
"gpm" are included in the binary for informational purposes (for the
LYNXCOMPILEOPTS: page).  Grepping through the source (after configure
and make) shows that these are the only occurrences:

# cd /usr/local/src3/lynx2-8-3/src/
grep -ni gpm ../*.h *.[hc] ../WWW/Library/Implementation/*.[hc] /dev/null
../cfg_defs.h:118:      { "lib_gpm_Gpm_Open",   "yes" },
../cfg_defs.h:119:      { "lib_gpm_initscr",    "yes" },

The place to really check for "gpm" (with nm, in order to make sure there
are no false positives as with lynx) is the lib{,n}curses.*.


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