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Re: lynx-dev How can I "paste" a text file into a website input field?

From: Janina Sajka
Subject: Re: lynx-dev How can I "paste" a text file into a website input field?
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:43:56 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, E. Six wrote:

>   Until some time ago (last year) I could "paste" a sequence into the 
> Blast input field by raw upload of a sequence file from my PC using 
> the Kermit  'TRANSMIT' command. But this is no longer possible. 
> I wonder if an update of the Lynx program might be responsible for no 
> longer allowing me the pasting. The present Lynx is the 2.8rel.2 
> version. 
>   Using Windows (hence not Kermit) to access Blue, then contacting the 
> BLAST site via Lynx also did not allow me to paste a sequence file 
> into the BLAST input field. 

I'm focusing on your statement "using Windows (hence not Kermit)" which
needs to be checked out.You should still be able to use Kermit under
Windows. In fact, I would judge it superior. And this may explain the

It sounds to me like you telnet into Blue and then run Lynx -- from a
shell account on Blue. Both Windows and Kermit contain telnet clients. If
some work on your computer has caused the Windows  telnet client, rather
than the Kermit telnet client, to be invoked when you request a connection
to Blue, this would explain the situation.

There are several ways to test for this. My favorite is to rename
would prevent the Windows telnet client from executing on a 'telnet'
command. In fact, if your Kermit client is still in your path, it might
just fix things.

If you do this, but your Kermit directory is no longer in your path (type
'path' and press <<ENTER>> from a DOS prompt to find out), you can CD to
your Kermit directory, e.g. CD C:\K95, and execute telnet from there like
this: 'telnet blue' -- substituting the appropriate address for 'blue.'

PS: This is precisely how we've set telnet up at my institution. We had
several reasons for preferring the Kermit telnet client--but that's
another story.

PSS: I do believe there is now a more recent version of Kermit for
Windows than the PC Console version K95. I have no experience with the
newer version. We use K95, in part precisely because it is a console

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