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lynx-dev How can I "paste" a text file into a website input field?

From: E. Six
Subject: lynx-dev How can I "paste" a text file into a website input field?
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:51:26 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Lynx Development Team: 

  In the on-line help files I did not find an answer to this question, 
hence this e-mail. 
  Background info: several molecular biology websites allow analysis 
of DNA or protein sequences submitted to them. An input sequence will 
consist of a string of letters from either the (4 letters) DNA or the 
(20 letters) protein alphabet. Typically an imput sequence will be 
about hundred to several thousand letters long. The sequence is 
expected to be pasted into an input field provided by the server. 
  The BLAST site provided by NIH may serve as an example. BLAST will 
search sequence databases for sequences that are similar to the 
submitted input (= query) sequence. The output will be a file that lists 
the similar sequences found and identifies the matches. 
  The web address of the BLAST server is: 

Choosing  (e.g.) the  'Basic Blast' search; the blank field to receive 
the input sequence will be presented.

  I am using the Lynx program provided by the "Blue" Unix mainframe 
(that also handles the e-mail here). Usually I access Blue from the 
DOS prompt of my PC using the Kermit communications program. 
  Until some time ago (last year) I could "paste" a sequence into the 
Blast input field by raw upload of a sequence file from my PC using 
the Kermit  'TRANSMIT' command. But this is no longer possible. 
I wonder if an update of the Lynx program might be responsible for no 
longer allowing me the pasting. The present Lynx is the 2.8rel.2 
  Using Windows (hence not Kermit) to access Blue, then contacting the 
BLAST site via Lynx also did not allow me to paste a sequence file 
into the BLAST input field. 
  Any advice you could give me concerning this problem I should 
greatly appreciate.


   Erich Six.

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