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Re: lynx-dev patch to spawn extra lynx's

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev patch to spawn extra lynx's
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:33:01 -0700 (PDT)

*** Richard E. Hawkins (address@hidden) wrote Today:

:) > > I've noticed that external programs are *not* sent to the background 
:) > > when launched, but rather that lynx waits for them. Is there some 
:) > > particular reason for this?  In a windowed environment, spawning seems 
:) > > more natural.
:) > EXTERN should be able to do that just fine; first get it to work with
:) > the '.' key. :)
:) I can't see why it isn't working now.  My config options are
:) ./configure  --prefix=/usr --libexecdi
:) r=/usr/lib --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --libdir=/etc 
:) urses --enable-8bit-toupper --enable-externs --enable-nsl-fork 
:) s --enable-exec-links --enable-exec-scripts --enable-persistent-cookies 
:) lib --no-create --no-recursion"
:) and as I'm reading the docs, --enable-externs and --enable-nsl-fork 
:) should let me do this, as the . is hard-coded.  But if I hit return  on 
:) a postscript, it runs gv, while . does nothing.
That's supposed to happen, Pressing a dot over a link makes a program act
on that link. For example say you have in your document a link to that you know you can not see with lynx
and let's say you want to use "netscape" to see that page, then you would
define your entry in lynx.cfg like:

EXTERNAL:http:/full/path/to/netscape %s &:TRUE

On the other hand let's say you followed that link in lynx (that is to say
you pressed return instead of the dot key), and you find a link to
"beautiful-picture1.jpg", then pressing RETURN here should look for the
viewer that you set up for images (xv for example) which is supposed to be
defined in your mailcap file.

You can set the mouse to act like a dot. I'd rather use it to follow
links. You would have to hack the code though. If you want I can try to
find it for you and send you a patch.

:) > My impression is that there isn't much interest in the mouse stuff among
:) > the regulars here, at least as far as anything more than left-button
:) > navigation is concerned.  One or two people did the initial patches to
:) > add more than left button iirc, and by default their design survived.

A long time ago I sent a patch for mouse binding for people using slang,
it got lost because it was mixed with another configuration which was
rejected (LYK_SCRIPT). I am interested in using mouse, because is very
useful in my xterm.


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