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Re: lynx-dev Why doesn't lynx cache HTML source?

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Why doesn't lynx cache HTML source?
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:31:52 +0300 (MSK)

> Calculation based revalidation normally requires an extensive set of rules,
> e.g. most people configure external caches to assume that the likely lifetime
> of a .gif is a much larger proportion of its lifetime up to the point of
> fetching than they would for a .html or .htm.  The rules may also favour
> certain sites.

Well, as I explain in my original message we may work transparently
and ask external cache for any calculations we do not want to provide.

> The formal backing for this behaviour is section 13.13. of RFC 2068,
> although there might be semantic arguments about the border between
> caching and history mechanisms (as a user, I would expect the same result
> from using the back button to return to a home page and using a link
> on the subordinate page); in my view, all those wanting unrendered
> caching in Lynx to support the \ command would want the history
> interpretation, to avoid refetching of dynamic content.

That is why I suppose to cache any document for "lynx internal use"
like "\" but made validation for other requests. This is a little messy
with lynx because it CURRENTLY cache a rendered document
and we have no reason to update the source without updating
the rendered document, so all current caching machanisms in lynx
should be verified and this leads too far from the original goal...

> In fact this section has a warning that using revalidation for history
> pages may actually cause site designers not to use cache control
> information properly on their pages, because to do so migh force
> unexpected reloads and unstable content.

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