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Re: lynx-dev Why doesn't lynx cache HTML source?

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Why doesn't lynx cache HTML source?
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 20:06:04 +0300 (MSK)

19-Nov-98 11:33 Klaus Weide wrote:
>> >      - Require explicit user action.  Maybe a special "Enter cache" key,
>> >        meaning "I am going to want this text reparsed, so start caching
>> >        it".
>>  ???
>> >      - When '\' is pressed the first time for the current text, we mark
>> >        if for rawbyte caching.  There could be a confirmation question.
>> >        That means at least two network request are needed, but after that
>> >        cached data is used.
>>  ???

> I am not sure what your question is.  Can you explain?
Unnecessary user interface complication
unless you want to got user totally lost.

>  [ ...]
>> But I think "mode 2" need no confirmation in any case:
>> every text/plain _rendered_ document should be cached in rawdata
>> if it currently cached in rendered form, otherwise fall back
>> to the present behaviour (no rawdata cacheing at all).

> Maybe.  But I may not want that if the document is big (even if
> I want it for some documents).
big document usually binary (like .zip)
and text/plain or text/html rarely bigger than 500K
and tipically under 50K.

>> Of cause, rawdata cache may be larger than rendered cache.

> Do you mean more documents, or do you mean more bytes for each document?
I mean "more documents".  Anyway, rendered document needs more memory
than rawdata (unless you have big comment inside),
I would rather prefer to reduce rendered document's cache
in favour of rawdata cache (CPU load is not so critical).

>     Klaus

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