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lynx-dev lynx bookmarks bug?

From: Jeffrey S. Farmer
Subject: lynx-dev lynx bookmarks bug?
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 98 14:20:34 EST

Dear lynx developer:

On my lynx bookmarks page (version 2.8rel2, SCRI-net version 2.2 beta), r,
y was not removing the highlighted link, but the link immediately
preceding it. 
This was happening only with higher numbered (more recent, lower on the
page) links. I narrowed the problem down to this link: 

<LI><a href="";> </a>

Before this link, r, y worked as it should; after, it didn't.

I tried to delete this link (using r, y), but it wouldn't highlight. So I 
moved the highlight down to the next link, hit r, y, and the "bad" link 
disappeared. After removing the "bad" link, everything worked normally. 

I'm sure I lost several bookmarks I wanted to keep before I noticed the 

Thanks for your work on lynx.

Jeff Farmer

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