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Re: lynx-dev NNTP question

From: Heikki Kantola
Subject: Re: lynx-dev NNTP question
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 13:09:40 +0300

According to David Woolley <address@hidden>:
> > Does Lynx have a way to sort news articles by thread and/or author? 
> > I'm running Lynx 2.8 on OpenVMS...  
> No.  Even the appropriate programs for reading news in character mode,
> e.g. trn and strn, don't seem to have been maintained for several years.

Although this is getting off-topic for Lynx-dev, I've to correct you:
strn code has been incorporated into trn 4.0, which AFAIK (I'm Slrn
fan myself :)) has been developed slowly but quite firmly for quite
some time already and information about it and the latest betas can 
be found at <URL:>.

Heikki "Hezu" Kantola, <address@hidden>
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