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Re: Drop adjusted capital

From: Giovanni Zezza
Subject: Re: Drop adjusted capital
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 12:09:06 +0100

Il Thu, 6 Jan 2000 05:44:59 +0300, Valeriy E. Ushakov scriveva:

>Message 1251 (in 1999-10-14) from Aug 20, 1999, with subject
>"Solution: text around illustrations".

It wasn't so useful as I though it would, principally for I didn't
understand it.

Anyway, working on @DropCapThree definition, it seems I've got a thing.
I wouldn't say exactly that it works but, well, it does something.

I'm not sure to understand how it works, and why it doesn't work properly ,
and I wouldn't be surprised to find out it can't be generalized to be used
with an adjustments database.
Up to now I've only empirically found some gap values that seem to work
with a pair of initial letters.

Problems are.... well, there are too many problems to be listed here.
Anyway, here it is (I would be very grateful to everyone could help me to
understand something about):

@SysInclude { graph }
@SysInclude { doc }

def @DropAdjCap
left y
named height { 2.5v }
named topgap { 1fo }
named midgap { 1fo }
named botgap { 1fo }
right x
def @ParPlace { @Galley }
def @EndParPlace { @Galley }

def @LineList
    @PAdjust @ParPlace
    //1vx @LineList

def @ParGalley force horizontally into { @ParPlace&&following }
    right x

def @EndPar force into { @EndParPlace&&following } { @Null }

def @Cap
    -0.25f @VShift 1.0w @VShift {
        -90d @Rotate height @Wide @Scale 90d @Rotate y

@ParGalley { x & @EndPar &1rt }
{|topgap @PAdjust @ParPlace}
//1vo {|midgap @PAdjust @ParPlace }
//1vo  @Cap |botgap { @PAdjust @ParPlace }
//1vx @LineList
//    @EndParPlace


@Text @Begin
A @DropAdjCap topgap {2.2fo} midgap {2.6fo} botgap {3.4fo} {
paragraph of text can be included anywhere, and it will be broken
automatically if necessary to fit the available space.  The spaces
between words are converted into concatenation symbols.
These are the most significant of Lout's object building symbols.
W @DropAdjCap topgap {4.3fo} midgap {3.6fo} botgap {3.2fo} {
ith three exceptions (see below), the width of an object is as large as
it possibly could be without violating a "@Wide" symbol or intruding into
the space occupied by neighbouring gaps or objects.
@End @Text


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