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Re: Drop adjusted capital

From: Giovanni Zezza
Subject: Re: Drop adjusted capital
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 01:29:02 +0100

I'm inclined to think there isn't so much interest in this (to put it

Anyway, I've written something that may help to find out all adjustments
needed for all characters. Nothing automagical, alas, but it helps at least
the hand work by drawing a grid and some numbers around the character.

I'm not sure the reference lines are correctly positioned, but it seems
enough accurate to be a start point. All measures are in v-unities; unusual
for lengths, but appropriate in this case, for the dropped capital is
proportionally scaled this way too.

There may be too some more "exch", "pop", "index", "add", "sub" and so on
than it should in PostScript code.


@SysInclude { graph }
@SysInclude { doc }

def @Show
        right x
                def @Cap
                named height {2.5v}
                        -0.25f @VShift 1.0w @VShift {
                        -90d @Rotate height @Wide @Scale 90d @Rotate x

                        ymark 0.5 ft sub
                        .1 vs
                        1 index .1 ft sub xmark exch moveto
                                0.1 setlinewidth
                                0 3.1 vs rlineto stroke
                                currentpoint pop xsize ge "{exit}" if
                                dup 0 rmoveto
                        "}" loop
                        1 index .08 ft sub 1 vs 2 vs "{"
                                0 exch moveto
                                0 exch
                                        0.0625 0.0625 scale
                                        exch dup 10 string cvs show
                                        1 add exch
                                        currentpoint pop xsize ge "{exit}" if
                                        dup 0 rmoveto
                                "}" loop
                        "}" for
                        xmark ymark 0.5 ft sub moveto
                        1 vs
                        4  "{"
                                1 0 0 setrgbcolor
                                1 setlinewidth
                                2 index xsize add 0 rlineto stroke
                                dup 0 exch rmoveto
                        "}" repeat
                        pop pop
                @Graphic address@hidden

        @InitialFont { Times Base 10p }
@Text @Begin
It ~ | {{|3.5vo as}
//1vo {|3vo luckily a}
//1vo @Show{W} |2.7vo prodigious waste of time} &0rt
/ @LP
&1s @Show{H}
&1s @Show{A}
&1s @Show{T}
&1s @Show{'}
&1s @Show{S}&0rt
&1s @Show{L}
&1s @Show{L} &0rt
&1s @Show{O}
&1s @Show{L}
&1s @Show{K}
&1s @Show{S}
&1s @Show{!}&0rt
@End @Text

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