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Drop adjusted capital

From: Giovanni Zezza
Subject: Drop adjusted capital
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 14:46:28 +0100

I've seen in a book drop capitals with a sort of kern adjustment; i.e. when
the capital is a character like "A" or "W" or "L", having vertically a not
constant width, every line of text goes as closest as possible to the right
edge of them.
If you like drop capitals, these are the ultimate state of art of them, I
Is it possible to achieve something like in Lout? All I was able to think
was to write (possibly by hand) a database with font adjustments needed (I
think kerning information isn't enough for that) and then a somewhat
tailored @DropCap function that assign different width to every initial
line of text.

Let's say we have the information source for adjustments (some 3 lengths
for every character in a font (let's say we use simple characters as drop
capitals)), how could be written the @DropChap function? It seems to me a
possibly achievable but very difficult task I wouldn't even know where to

How could be written the adjustments database? Would be there a way to get
it from font metric information?


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