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Lout and SGML (via NSGMLS)

Subject: Lout and SGML (via NSGMLS)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:26:54 +0200

Hello All,

I'm looking for packages to convert SGML documents into Lout. I know
about typeset and linuxdoc. Are there any others?

SGML is an ISO 9979:1986 standard for structured general markup language. An
SGML document is described by a sort of grammar (describing its
structure) called a document type definition or DTD. For instance,
HTML is (supposed to be) a DTD.

NSGMLS is a SGML Parser (ftp.jclark.com:/pub/sp/sp-1.1.tar.gz) which
converts SGML documents (knowing their DTD) into simple line oriented
format. I wont describe NSGMLS here further.

I would like to convert NSGMLS output into Lout. Any clues? (Of
course, I probably could use gawk or perl5 scripts). Actually, the DTD
I am aiming is my own (because it is a literate programming language)
but most parts of it are usual (ie like in HTML).

As a side note, I strongly feel that SGML support would be a big plus
in Lout. But I'm not sure I know exactly what I want about it.
Any comments?


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