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RE: Lout and SGML (via NSGMLS)

Subject: RE: Lout and SGML (via NSGMLS)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 20:11:35 +0100

>I'm looking for packages to convert SGML documents into Lout. I know
>about typeset and linuxdoc. Are there any others?

I'm using the SGMLSpm package by David Megginson (email:
address@hidden). It's written in Perl 5, and it's very good.
In the package are two examples/scripts for conversion from DocBook DTD
(subset) to HTML and Latex.

I'm using it to make printed documentation (via Lout) and Windows Help
file (via another great package TeX2RTF) from the same source (in
DocBook DTD).

If you are interested I can email you my scripts.

>course, I probably could use gawk or perl5 scripts). Actually, the DTD
>I am aiming is my own (because it is a literate programming language)

With SGMLSpm you can use any DTD you like.

>As a side note, I strongly feel that SGML support would be a big plus
>in Lout. But I'm not sure I know exactly what I want about it.


>Any comments?
If you need just one output (say printed letter) and nothing more, then...
I don't know, maybe it's not the best way. But if you need multiple
outputs, well than SGML is very good choice. For example, I write my
documentation once, and then I can generate Postscript file for printing,
Windows Help file for online browsing, HTML output for WWW browsers,
OS/2 INF and HLP files, etc.

You can find SGMLSpm at:
Tex2RTF at:
and the PSGML at:

The last package is Emacs add-on for SGML.

Regards, Ljupco
// address@hidden
// address@hidden

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