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Re: font names

From: Jeffrey H Kingston
Subject: Re: font names
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 14:23:22 +0100

> Suppose I have two fonts in the same family ...
> one with the face name oblique and the other italic
> which one gets the lout face name 'Slope'? How do I
> make sure a document someone might sendme gets the
> right one?

You assign the name Slope to a font in its fontdef, see
the Expert's Guide.  There is no automatic decision by
Lout as to what Slope is.  So basically if you are going
to send documents around the network with unusual fonts
in them, you have to make sure that common fontdefs are
in use at each end.

You can do this without disturbing the standard distribution
by putting your fontdefs in file "mydefs" and sending it
with the document (this doesn't guarantee that the fonts
will be at the other end though, just Lout's names for them).

See library file include/fontdefs for examples of fontdefs.
If you're really keen, see lout.teq for how to include real
fonts in documents, not just define them and hope they're there.


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