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From: Jerry Pendergraft
Subject: miscellaneous
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 93 21:06:44 CST

As Jeff Kingston writes:
 [stuff deleted]
> I'll probably regret saying this next bit, but
> why doesn't everyone just buy a PostScript
> printer?  It's a brilliant language and they
> deserve every penny of the gigantic royalties
> I gather they cream off.  Have a look at the
> Fig package that comes with Lout and just
> consider how much of its power comes from
> the flexibility and the features of PostScript.
> There is so much nore to graphics rendering
> than "draw a line from here to here", sometimes
> I think people don't understand what a global
> treasure PostScript is.
I agree with this idea but understand that everyone can't run out and
buy a postscript printer. Also the idea of forcing everyone into a
someones idea of an ideal format is what gets us into flame wars all
the time. Hence the idea, like TeX and ditroff, of device independant
form has great merit.

However we should remember that, in reality, PostScript IS a device
independant form.
So doesn't the problem resolve quite simply?
 - always produce PostScript output (preferably with STD fonts)
 - If rendering to another device is required use something like
   GhostScript with the appropriate driver? I know GS can be used to
   drive the ubiquitous HP laser jet, and even an Epson pin printer.
   Probably the PCL type HP also.

> Jeff Kingston.

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