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Re: miscellaneous

From: Mark Griffith
Subject: Re: miscellaneous
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 93 10:43:58 CST

Jeff Kingston sez:

> I'll probably regret saying this next bit, but
> why doesn't everyone just buy a PostScript
> printer?  It's a brilliant language and they
> deserve every penny of the gigantic royalties
> I gather they cream off.  Have a look at the
> Fig package that comes with Lout and just
> consider how much of its power comes from
> the flexibility and the features of PostScript.
> There is so much nore to graphics rendering
> than "draw a line from here to here", sometimes
> I think people don't understand what a global
> treasure PostScript is.

I tend to agree.  The biggest problem is the cost.  It is very difficult for
one to justify spending double the amount for a laser printer to get Postscript
capability when then can get the same output (from the users point of view)
using the HP page description language.

Being an academic type, you can appreciate Postscript as a programming
language and the power therein.  The masses have difficulty with this.

For that matter, you can also appreciate the beauty and form of a well
thought out math equation whereas people like myself suffer fear induced
trauma just looking at such as thing.


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