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A couple of questions

From: Laurent Duperval
Subject: A couple of questions
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 11:10:57 -0500


I'm pretty new to this list but I haven't seen much traffic on it yet.
Therefore, I'll ask my questions even though they might seem foolish:

1) Is it possible to put floating objects in a lout document?  If so,
how?  I read the manual and I didn't see any indication that this could
be done (indeed, by looking at the placement of various figures in the
text I came out with the impression that it couldn't be done).

2) Are there various... err... how do I say this... ``styles'' available
(similar to .sty files in *TeX) for Lout yet?  If so, where can they be
found?  (I realize `stles' may not be the proper term here.  Maybe
'include' would be better).

Thank you for your responses.  If need be, I'll summarize the responses
I get at a later date.

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