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Re: C to Lout preprocessor

Subject: Re: C to Lout preprocessor
Date: 16 Nov 93 14:11:33 +0100

I find the C to Lout preprocessor very interesting; i would 
like to make a few remarsks:

First, and most importantly, the lout output should be usable in a
@DocumentLayout (ie lout/include/dl) package, because the  C code would
most likely be included in a lout document using standard (or locally
modified) lout packages. I'm not (at all) interested in a vgrind
substitute only used to make more readable C listings. Of course, it
would be ok to define a subpackage (like Eq or Fig) includable in a
@DocumentLayout (and it whould be nice to have a Creport style
including both  @DocumentLayout and the hypothetical @CPackage.

I would like to be able to put some Lout directives in specially
formated comments, eg comment starting by /address@hidden

C++ support should also be given. I believe this would be quite easy.

More importantly, perhaps a parameterable filter would be even more
interesting (something in the spirit of vgrind) so one would be able to
describe (using regexprs) another language syntax.

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