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Re: ASCII back end

From: Rodrigo Vanegas
Subject: Re: ASCII back end
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 23:18:16 -0500

>If there was an ascii output option, I'd be using it for online use
>and it would be inherently inferior since it would lack diagrams. I
>wouldn't care about having any page breaks at all. The output wouldn't
>be much different from a stripped source file except that macro
>abbreviations, references, and bib references would be done. Bullets
>and the like would be something sensible, like "-", "=", "=", or
>"o". Overall the idea is for a human readable copy of the _text_.

Some more input:

 An option to omit page breaks altogether would be desirable since
most ASCII output would be strictly for online viewing only anyway.
Since pages would lose their meaning index entries could refer to line
numbers instead.

rodrigo vanegas

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