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Re: ASCII back end

From: Aaron Roydhouse
Subject: Re: ASCII back end
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 10:34:09 +1300

==> "Patrick" == Patrick Stickler writes:

Patrick> Using SGML is certainly a sensible idea, but you've got it
Patrick> backwards.  The *original* documents should be in SGML with a
Patrick> filter for typesetting in lout (or ascii, or TeX, or troff,
Patrick> or FrameMaker, ...)  in one of many different styles,
Patrick> depending on the need.

You're right, of course, SGML should be the original composition
language. However last time I looked the SGML tools weren't really up
to much, although SGML itself obviously had a future. Even so,
generating SGML isn't out of the question.

Patrick> I'm currently using an SGML/[nt]roff scheme, but plan to try
Patrick> lout as it seems to be far more "programmer friendly".

This is certainly why I use it over LaTeX. Not that LaTeX is all that
bad, but because TeX is underneath... Like building a palace on a
combined swamp and minefield really :-)

Patrick> Nevertheless, an nroff-like mode for lout would be very
Patrick> welcome, as many people (including myself) need to generated
Patrick> formatted text-only documents for on line viewing or printing
Patrick> [...]

The benefit is there, although I would be worried that the
expressivity of lout might be restricted by the limitations of a
formatted text target.


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