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ASCII back end

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: ASCII back end
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1993 08:03:33 +1100

Well, in view of all the interest, looks like an ASCII back end
has to go on my list of things to do.  I don't think it's feasible
though to have the ASCII version having the same page breaks as the
PostScript version, especially if @Bullet becomes <bl> and so on.
Actually making sure that @Bullet comes out as <bl> is quite easy,
it just means changing the definition of @Bullet in DocumentLayout,
which package would clearly need to be duplicated anyway.

I have had fantasies of an ASCII version of Tab which inserted
lovely -+| characters to make the rules.  It would be amusing to
change the scaling operators so that (for example) @HScale -
produced -------.  But perhaps the correspondent who advised
sticking to a subset and making it work has a better grasp of
reality.  An ASCII Eq package, for example, seems hopeless, despite
the venerable example of neqn.

Please don't get all excited and expectant about this.  At present
I have absolutely no idea where I am going to get the time from to
produce the (inevitable) next version.

Jeff Kingston

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