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Re: Why can't I set organization?

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: Why can't I set organization?
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 21:07:02 +0900
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>>>>> In <address@hidden> Emre Sevinc wrote:

> message-setup-hook's value is (t)
> Local in buffer *posting on gnu.emacs.gnus*; global value is nil


> Does the above info give us a clue? It looks to be set to TRUE
> but I was not able to see whet it does (if it does something).

You seem to have done it correctly but it means the value of
`gnus-posting-styles' was completely ignored.  You will also
need to check the value of `gnus-posting-styles' (you can type
`C-h v' in any Emacs buffer).

Otherwise, you can set it explicitly for a trial.  To do that,
put the following Lisp form for example in the *scratch* buffer
and type the `C-j' key at the end of the line.

(setq gnus-posting-styles '((".*" (organization "Istanbul Bilgi University"))))

Isn't the Organization header inserted by this?

> Am I using the posting style? Well, do I have to do something
> else other than writing it in my ~/.gnus by 
> writing (setq gnus-posting-styles ... ) file?

Codes other than the code for setting `gnus-posting-styles' in
the ~/.gnus file may have caused an error.  Did you see such a
message?  It may also be found in the *Messages* buffer as

Error in ~/.gnus: ***

I suspect the `(gnus-compile)' line in your .gnus file.

> I'm sorry for bothering so much but I'm simply confused
> and don't understand why organization field doesn't come up
> and I still cannot debug it.

Please never mind.

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