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Re: How to move a repository from linux to windows?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: How to move a repository from linux to windows?
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 10:43:28 -0400
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Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> For various reasons I want to make a windows copy of a repository that's
> hosted on linux.  I've tried various ways to move the data and each time
> I end up with the same result. When using a downloaded windows binary of
> 1.12.13, if I do a cvs co it goes through all the motions, creates all
> the directories and so forth, but none of the files are there.....

What does 'cvs --version' show?

> Any ideas?  I've seen various goggle results say that the repository
> files always have unix style line endings regardless of the host
> platform, and I've even tried going through every file and converting it
> to dos style line endings with the same results.
Oh, don't do that. Heed what you have read - CVS expects the files to
have LF-only line endings, and you could confuse it by changing things.

Does CVS work on files that it creates? For example, in one of these
directories that it creates, create a new file and check it in. If that
works OK, then there may be a problem with the files you've copied over.
If it doesn't work, then it's your CVS executable.

A simple binary copy of the repository should work fine. If you're using
FTP, make sure you force binary mode.

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